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Excessive labia minora can be problem during sexual interaction or can also cause hygiene problems. In this surgery, appropriate aesthetic reduction is performed for both function and aesthetics. Excessive labia majora can also be reduced similarly, or small and unhealthy labia majora can be either filled with lipo-injection or hyaluronic acids. This procedure can also be combined with clitoral hoodplasty.



The clitoral hood (or prepuce) is the skin that covers the outer part of the clitoris and is designed to protect the clitoris from friction. In some women, the clitoral hood has excessive tissue, which may create functional and appearance problems. Clitoral hoodplasty surgery decreases the protrusion of the clitoral hood, improves the appearance, and makes it more functional as increasing clitoral touch during sexual interaction without affecting its function.



Vaginal enlargement usually occurs after multi birth giving. In this situation vaginal tightening procedure can be done. There are surgical and laser-assisted tightening solutions for this problem.