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Breast augmentation

  •  It is an operation performed to increase the size of the breast, in which the breast is filled with implants (mostly silicone) that are placed under the breast gland or under the chest muscles.
  •  Breast augmentation is a surgery that must be performed by expert hands, and Turkey is considered one of the leading countries in the field of aesthetic medicine, especially operations related to breast augmentation.

When is breast augmentation performed?

  •  The patient’s desire for the procedure for an aesthetic reason, to increase her self-confidence and improve her appearance.
  •  Increase breast prominence to take a better and more beautiful shape.
  •  Correcting sagging breasts (for example, when breastfeeding).
  • Correcting the difference in the size of the breasts.

Anesthesia and duration of surgery

  •  The surgery can be performed under local or general anesthesia according to each case, and the operation lasts about an hour and a half to two hours.

The stages of the surgery

  •  Anesthesia.
  •  Surgical incision (under the breast, under the armpit, or under the nipple).
  •  The breast tissue is separated from the chest tissues and muscles.
  • This creates a pocket behind or in front of the chest wall muscle.
  •  The implant is inserted into this pocket.
  • The incision is then closed.

Post-operative advice

  •  Some bruising and swelling may appear after surgery and gradually reduce, and in the event of some pain, simple painkillers prescribed by the doctor can be taken.
  •  Your doctor may recommend wearing a compression bandage or a sports bra that supports and keeps the breast implants in place.
  •  Avoid exposure to any trauma after surgery.
  •  Communicate with the doctor in the event of redness, heat or severe pain.
  •  The results of breast augmentation are visible immediately after the operation.