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Every person wants to like and appreciate their bodies. However, women desire this much more intensely.

Have you ever seen a man trying on 70 dresses in any stores? Or have you ever seen a young man whom it takes 45 minutes in the morning to decide what to wear and still leave the house feeling unsatisfied? As Plastic Surgeons, it is our duty to make people feel at peace with their bodies, faces, hair or eyelids. I cannot tell a patient who sees me because of the excess fat on the hips that she also needs a rhinoplasty. A surgeon should not do this.

As for the breast issue, for all young and mature women, breasts are the most important parts of their bodies. If they are small, women choose their clothes, act and stand accordingly. They plan summer vacations, go swimming and even – if they are deeply unsatisfied — adjust their relations with their boyfriends and husbands accordingly. Breast lift and reduction surgeries are technically very similar to each other.


Simply to say, think of a whole cake and assume that we cut a slice out of it and bring the remaining parts closer and join them. As a result, the size of the cake is reduced. As we provide an upward movement, breasts are also lifted.


Breast reduction procedure is of great importance for the prevention of discomforts that could cause neck and back pain and possible future spinal deformities and herniated disks. The surgery is performed in accordance with the sketches drawn beforehand by considering certain anatomical measurements and characteristics. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia.

Immediately prior to the surgical procedure, the breast and fat tissues are reduced by laser lipolysis in order to shorten the duration of the surgery and minimize the bleeding risk. Breast Reduction Surgery Postoperative Care There is scarcely any pain and discomfort.

The patient will comfortably continue her daily routine during the recovery period by wearing a support bra that would substitute surgical dressing. 70% of the milk ducts are known to be preserved after the surgery. We utilize laser in every stage of the breast reduction surgery.

By this way, the surgery is performed without discomfort and takes a shorter time, with minimal bleeding, pain and edema. Patients can resume their social lives, start working, do sports or go on vacations earlier than the patients undergoing conventional breast reduction surgeries. One of the most frequently asked questions about breast reduction and lifting surgeries is whether the milk ducts will be damaged or not.

It is true that lactiferous tissues and lactiferous duct are damaged to a certain extent, but 70% of them will still survive the surgery and there will be no lactating problems. Therefore, it would be wrong for women with very large breasts to wait for years although people tell them they are still too young and they should undergo the surgery only after delivering a child. Don’t forget that the excess weight of breasts may cause cervical disc and spinal disc hernias, nerve injuries leading to loss of capacity in arms and hands and dropped shoulders in time.

The correction of these problems will surely be much more difficult and costly. Breast reduction and/or breast lift procedures are not a cosmetic necessity, but an anatomical and medical obligation. As a matter of fact, it has urgency due to the reasons I have mentioned above.

Breast lift surgeries are performed in a manner similar to the breast reduction surgeries. It differs from the breast reduction surgeries in that the removal of the breast tissue is mostly not necessary and the excision of only the sagging or loose subcutaneous tissue is adequate.

After Aesthetic Breast Lift Surgery; Stitch marks are extremely minimal and hidden. Almost all of the lactiferous ducts survive the surgery in good condition.